Band Bio

We are a little 3 piece cover band that formed in 2007.. thats like almost a decade together, Wow!

We find compared to other bands we don't take ourselves very seriously. Which we don't mind.
but there are a few things we pride ourselves in doing

1. Not following a strict setlist. ie playing whatever song we feel fits best in the moment
2. We play sets of various lengths through out the night, again based on the audience
3. Play alot of shows throughout the year


Hello Good People!

I'm Travis. I'm 30 something and i play drums with two brothers in a band. The Trinity Projekt. I played for about a year in an alternative band when i was 18. Then my daughter came along and music was put on hold for me. I sold my kit and slipped into the fatherhood role. Now my daughter is older and more independent. Which has given me time and opportunity to pick up drumming again. I have been playing steady with Matt and Sam for approximately two years now having an absolute blast!

I have many influences in music. Ranging from Disturbed, to Tom Jones, to Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. Who is disturbed =D Most all music inspires me in one way or another. 

I enjoy my role as time keeper in the band for these guys to rock out in comfort. Id like to say i built my kit like those savages built there guitars.... but i didn't!  Playing In this band full time would be awesome compared to what i do now.


Matthews Biography

Full Name is Matthew Ryan Scheideman born on September 26 1988 in Edmonton Alberta. I grew up on a farm near Onoway Alberta.

My first introduction to music was at age 10 when my brother sam started playing guitar and was shortly after urged by our parents to learn an instrument. Neither on of our parents had played any instruments but thought that we should be exposed to learning music. When they asked me to pic an instrument my first question was “does it matter what I pick” and they said “no, pick anything” so my first choice was drums. However that was put down before the "d" had left my lips so they suggested I learn harmonica. Much to my distase I tried it and am very pleased that I did. We had played many kinds of music growing up including gospel, hymns, country and rock . Through this period we realized that bassists were hard to come by so I bought a Squire PB which was destroyed not long after.

Me and Sam had started building guitars from raw lumber when we were about 14 and I had the bad habit of making signifigant alterations to store boughten guitars as well. This is what lead the Squier PB guitar to its death as it was the victom of one of my bright ideas to glue it and another guitar together to make a double neck so that I could play guitar or bass without switching instruments. However it was ugly, heavy and sounded horrible so it along with many other instruments that I had made were burned in the fire place in our house as I couldn’t stand looking at things I made that I didn’t like anymore. Although some of the first were failures every guitar I made was a little nicer and played a little better which leaves me with the beast I play now.

My current bass guitar tenderly known as my "Bad Ass Mother F$@%er" or "B.A.M.F."  was built in shop in high school which was much better equipt with tools than the farm I grew up on. The back is made of White Poplar, top is Douglas Fir and the neck and fret board is a realy nice piece of something I pulled out of a pallet.  The tuning machines are actuly ment for a guitar however I always found bass heads to be rather prehistoric in nature and decided to use these instead and they work great. The pick up is a big humbucker wired passive strait to the Jack…. WHAT!?!?! Passive pickup and no knobs?  Yes  you did read that right! Simple cheap things that work are what I like, pots get noisey and batterys run out so I wired pickup strait to jack and called it good enough. Ive been playing this thing exclusively for four years and have had zero and I mean zero problems.


The Bass I Made

1971 Hot-rodded Fender Bassman

…Sams tuner from time to time hehe


Hey Guys!

Well i don't have much too say. I enjoy a variety of music musically, i'm not really overly concerned with being an extreamly technical player. I just like playing music that sounds good and enjoyable to hear.

I've played in a few bands over the years ranging from churchy kind of stuff to metal to country. This band is pretty sweet because we just do what we like. We might play a hard rock song we might play an old country song you never know. Heck if you heckle us, we will punish you with a dreded Polka. Seriously. =D

I mainly play guitar but have dabbled with mandolin, sax, drums and piano over the years


Old Garnet Tube Amps

My Guitar